Customizing Your Cleaning Job

Customizing Your Cleaning Job

At Divina Maid, we know the every cleaning job is different. That’s because every client is different. Every household has its own different needs and desires for house cleaning based on many different individual factors. So we have put together a workflow that takes your family’s uniqueness into account.

Here are some of the ways we customize our work for you!

Flat Rate or Hourly Cleaning

Some people like to pay a flat rate per room. Others prefer to pay cleaning services by the hour. We accommodate either of these approaches to give our customers more in terms of choice and how we work in their homes.

Biweekly and Monthly Services

You can also choose from biweekly and monthly cleaning service. This has to do with how much living you do inside of a property, and how quickly the home will need another cleaning. We also know that different people get paid differently, and this factors into their household budgeting, so this aspect plays a role in decisions, too. We want to be versatile and accommodating for our clients – because we value your business!

Details, Decor and Baseboards

You may or may not need the baseboards wiped down on every cleaning. On the other hand, you might have knickknacks or wall hangings that you want cleaned, or you might want those left alone. Part of the brainstorming on a new cleaning project means going through each room and looking at these extras to see if the client desires them to be cleaned or not. Instead of just guessing, we like to take a thorough approach and start out on a good knowledgeable footing with what’s in each room of the house.

Trash Cans and Light Fixtures

In some cases, based on what your trash situation is, we will empty the trash cans into the outdoor trash receptacles. However, again, this is a service that some households just don’t need. So we’ll address that at the very beginning. The same goes for light fixtures. Do you want that chandelier dusted every time, or just on an initial cleaning?

Working out this kind of detail is a major way to provide value and housecleaning service. We also take care to get all of the details on your children and your pets, so we know how to provide for their safety as well. It’s all part of a thoughtful approach – and at Divina Maid, we make that a priority!

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