How To Clean Your Home When Preparing For A Baby

How To Clean Your Home When Preparing For A Baby

Whether you are bringing your newborn into your home for the first time or moving to a new house with your baby, the home will need to be cleaned and prepared accordingly. The home needs to be thoroughly cleaned to keep your baby healthy in their new space. Babies are so tiny that nearly anything could affect their immune system during the fragile few days and months after birth. Even as your baby grows, a clean routine established early on will help you maintain a safe space in which your baby will thrive.

Vacuum And Mop Flooring

Even though your newborn baby will not be spending much time on the floors, clean flooring is essential to the health of your home. The carpet should be steamed, cleaned to remove stains, grime and kept vacuumed to ensure no small pieces of dirt and potentially harmful elements are allowed to gather. Hard flooring surfaces should be mopped and the grout of tiles cleaned.

Dust And Indoor Air Quality

Dust is a trigger for allergies, and your baby could be exposed to allergens within the air they breathe if dust is not cleaned effectively. Indoor air quality is an essential factor in your baby’s health; keeping your home dusted and swept will help you keep the exposure to allergens to a minimum. You should also frequently change your HVAC filters as they also work to keep dust from cycling through your home’s air system.

Sanitize The Kitchen

The kitchen will be the hub of feeding preparation for your baby. All of the items that you will use in the feeding process will be cleaned in the kitchen, as well as any food preparations. Using a sanitizing cleaner is advised, but make sure the cleaner is safe and nontoxic. Wiping down all kitchen surfaces daily with sanitizer wipes can help you keep this area spic and span.

Bathtubs And Sinks

While you most likely will not be putting your newborn directly into the bathtub, having it cleaned well will have you ready. It’s amazing what we can overlook in our own bathtubs and showers, and chances are there mold and mildew growing somewhere in the tile grout, on shower curtains, and around shower door hinges. It will be helpful to remove any items that you’ve placed around the tubs such as candles and containers. Keeping a space free from clutter will help you quickly clean it up when you use it.

Professional Cleaning

If you don’t already have a professional cleaning service, hiring one to deep clean your home prior to your baby’s arrival is recommended. Not only do you need to focus on your and your baby’s health, but being pregnant and around certain cleaning chemicals can be detrimental to you both. You may even decide to have a cleaning service come monthly to help your home remain a safe and clean environment for your famly.

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