The Dirtiest Parts Of Your Home You May Not Think About

It may come as a surprise, but the bathroom is typically not the germiest area of your home. Homeowners tend to focus their cleaning efforts on the bathrooms and, of course, the kitchen, as these rooms are the busiest in the household. However, we should be paying more attention to some of the other areas in our homes that are overlooked either because they are difficult to reach or we forget that bacteria is quietly building up behind the scenes. 


A home can become prime real estate for various species of bacteria, bugs, and molds if we are not meticulous about cleaning. Whether you use a house cleaning service or do it yourself, you should be aware of the dirtiest areas in the house to ensure they are kept clean. 



Many homes have beautiful tile flooring, but the grout in tile floors is a breeding ground for dirt, grime, mold, and bacteria. If you look carefully at the grout around your tile, you may notice stains that eventually leave it permanently discolored. Grout is typically a light color, which can be challenging to keep looking fresh. Cleaning grout is tough, but it should be part of your house cleaning routine to keep mold and bacteria buildup at bay. 


Air Vents

The air vents for your home’s HVAC system can be a health hazard if not kept clean. Dust, hair and bug fragments build up along the air vents adding to poor indoor air quality. People who suffer from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions can quickly become ill as the toxic air circulates throughout the home. 



Many of us don’t spend much time inspecting the shower head in our baths, but if you do, you may notice a problem. Shower heads have holes that get clogged over time with the elements like mineral deposits, soap scum, and mold. Remember, if your shower head is not sparkling clean, you won’t be either. 


Kitchen Sponge

The trusty kitchen sponge is a tool many of us use to clean the sink, dishes, and countertops in our kitchens. However, according to theNSF’s International Household Germ Study, the kitchen is the germiest area in the entire home. Bacteria called salmonella, and E. coli were found in over 75% of dish rags and sponges. These bacteria can cause your family to become very sick. If your kitchen sponge smells funny, toss it and replace it with a new one.


Keeping Your Home Sparkling Clean

Our hectic daily schedules make it challenging to keep our homes sparkling clean. To help you fill in the gaps, consider hiring a house cleaning service to tackle these dirtiest areas of your home. 


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